the path from narrowness to freedom


Smashing the idolatry of fatphobia and leading ourselves from Narrowness to Freedom

1. ending weight stigma in Jewish communal life and training Jewish professionals, lay leaders, and community members to confront fatphobia wherever they encounter it (including in themselves).
2. equipping people who already work in fat activism, Health at Every Size, eating disorders recovery, and related weight neutral and body positive fields to recognize and attend to spiritual and religious needs in themselves and those they serve.
3. propagating a methodology of connecting with sacred text, tradition, and spirituality that fosters body liberation for people of all sizes.


Rabbi Minna Bromberg, PhD

Founder and President

Emily Rogal
Social Media and Development Coordinator

I’m passionate about bringing my three decades of experience in fat activism to writing and teaching and change-making at the nexus of Judaism and body liberation. I received my doctorate in sociology from Northwestern University in 2005, with a dissertation on identity formation in interfaith couples, and I was ordained at Hebrew College in 2010. Since then I led a 250-family Conservative congregation in Reading, PA, I released my fifth album of original music, I made aliyah, and I ran the Year-in-Israel program for Hebrew College rabbinical students. When I'm not working on fat torah, I’m a voice teacher who specializes in helping people use their voices in leading prayer (which, actually, I also see as connected with fat torah, but that's another story). I live in Jerusalem with my husband, Rabbi Alan Abrams, and our two children. Read what I'm writing about Fat Torah in our blog.

Emily believes that fat Torah can be a helpful hermeneutical and theological lens for people of all bodies in elevating the sanctity of abundance and desire. She hopes that the work of Fat Torah will smash shame in exchange for a radical and awe inspiring love for all those on the margins. Emily is a birth and postpartum doula, a justice-oriented Jewish educator, a feelings connoisseur, and a body liberation activist. She recently graduated from Harvard University with a Master of Divinity and wrote her thesis on the Torah of Heartbreak.



Bringing fat torah to your community



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